About us

As an ever prospering organization, our aim is to provide efficient services, a safe & healthy working environment and quality customer service to our valid clients and customers.

We have a very reliable system that tracks and ensures that the goods are followed up closely from origin to final destination.

Safety is our priority; the well being of our employees and the public at large is our paramount focus. We have incorporated operational health & safety requirements, a strict alcohol and drug guideline as well as work instructions that have been critically analyzed, with extensive and coherent procedures.


With over 20 years of experience in transportation, linking from Lae to the highlands, we most certainly have what it takes to be on the move when and if required. We own and operate equipments and machinery such as prime movers, semi trailers, side lifters, forklifts and cargo trucks to suite any job of its make. We offer affordable monthly as well as hourly service rates depending on the job at hand. We also have a 15 seater bus that does errands based on hire and contracts.

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